Difference between NES version and TurboGrafx 16 version game software

This time,

Difference between PC Engine version software and NES version software

I will introduce about.

Many of the games ported from the arcade to the NES were so degraded that many would have been disappointed.

However, the later PC Engine has good graphics, and you can enjoy it just like an arcade.

At that time, I longed for a PC engine, but the main body was expensive and I couldn’t afford it.

If you are interested in the difference between the NES version and the PC Engine version, please take a look.

The software introduced this time is all games sold in Japan.

Difference between NES version and PC Engine version game


Tower of Druaga

NES version


Namco 4900 yen

NES ported work of Namco’s blockbuster arcade game.

The content of climbing the tower on the 60th floor to defeat Druaga and save the shrine maiden Kai.

At that time, we were exchanging information at school, such as how to put out hidden items.

The difficulty level is very high like the game at that time, and it is a painful cousin that there is no password resumption.

It’s a pretty famous work, but few people actually went to the ending.

TurboGrafx 16th Edition


Namco 6800 yen

A long time later, the Tower of Druaga was released for PC Engine.

However, it is not a port of the arcade version, but a newly remade work.

In addition to hidden treasure chests, there are also parameter growth, so it’s becoming a more action RPG.

This was also a rewarding work.



NES version


Namco 4500 yen

Pac-Man’s side-scrolling action game, which was also popular in arcades.

The arcade version had no lever and was a special specification operated with three buttons.

Therefore, the Famicom version is also quite difficult to operate, such as jumping with the cross key and moving back and forth with the A.B button.

This cumbersome operation method raises the difficulty level.

The operation is the same as the arcade, but the unfortunate thing is the graphics.

As a NES deterioration porting software, it is a work with a low evaluation that will probably be in the TOP10, the character is small, and the appearance is quite shabby.

Many of Namco’s arcade porting games are good porting games, but this work has a fairly low rating.

The performance of the NES at that time would have been unavoidable.

TurboGrafx 16 version


Namco 5200 yen

Unlike the NES, the PC Engine version has a high degree of portability and can be enjoyed in the same way as an arcade.

Arcade fans will be satisfied with this work.



NES version


Konami 4900 yen

As you know, Konami’s masterpiece horizontal shooting game.

There are many things that are not enough compared to the arcade version, such as deterioration of the laser and reduction of options, but

Still, at that time, you can play Gladius at home! There must have been many people who were pleased.

TurboGrafx 16 version


Konami 6000 yen

It was finally ported to the PC engine long after the Super Nintendo era.

The NES version released earlier was not enough compared to the arcade version, but this work can be enjoyed almost the same as the arcade version.

If it was released a little earlier, the PC engine itself might have sold more.

Fantasy zone


NES version


Sunsoft 5300 yen

SEGA’s popular shooting game, which started operation in an arcade in 1986.

The NES version is also famous as a particularly good port.

Sega fans were also surprisingly complete, and many children thought that the fantasy zone was a work of Sunsoft for NES users.

TurboGrafx 16 version


NEC Avenue 4900 yen

The PC engine version will be released the year after the NES version.

As expected, the portability is high, and although there is no double scroll, other than that, you can play almost the same as an arcade.

Tsuppari Grand Sumo


NES version


Tecmo 4900 yen

A sumo match game that has been popular since that time.

Starting from the front, we aim to take the rope in the end.

There are many interesting deciding factors such as professional wrestling techniques, and children love off-color humor such as morodashi.

TurboGrafx 16 version


Nagzat 6800 yen

The lesser-known PC Engine version of Tsuppari Grand Sumo Heisei version.

It’s a sequel rather than a NES port.

This time, we will train wrestlers in mini games.

Although it is not well known, it was also a good work.



NES version


Konami 4900 yen

Konami’s shooting game, the sequel to Gradius.

The arcade version takes items and powers up, but the Famicom version, like the Gradius series, stores capsules and strengthens them arbitrarily.

It’s a lot more arranged than the arcade version, but it’s possible for two people to play at the same time, so it was exciting to play with two people.

The skeleton cassette was also cool.

TurboGrafx 16 version


Konami 6000 yen

The PC Engine version is a faithful reproduction of the arcade version.

It’s a lot more difficult than the NES version, but it was a nice port for arcade fans.

Yokai Dochuki


NES version


Namco 4900 yen

A little-known NES version of Yokai Dochuki.

Since it is a Famicom, both the rough and the contents have deteriorated.

Also, in the boss battle, it’s not enough for Tarosuke to fight alone without calling his ancestors.

However, those who are doing their best systematically, such as shopping and gambling.

There are many disappointing parts compared to the arcade and PC engine versions, but if you look at it as an action game alone, you can enjoy the NES version as it is.

TurboGrafx 16 version


Namco 4900 yen

The PC Engine version of Yokai Dochuki is Namco’s first entry title to the PC Engine.

It’s an early work of PC Engine, so many people should have played it.

After seeing this game, it became a PC engine Σ (゚ Д ゚) skate !!

Although it looks comical, the difficulty level is quite high, and not many people could clear it at that time.

Ninja Ryukenden

NES version


Tecmo 5500 yen

Tecmo’s popular work, which is also familiar as a high-difficulty ninja action game.

Ninja-like actions, ninjutsu, and special skills are major features.

Originally an arcade work, the NES version has demoscenes inserted, making the story easier to understand.

TurboGrafx 16 version


Hudson 6500 yen

The PC Engine version is a port of the NES version.

It’s basically the same as the NES version, but all the graphics have been redrawn and the BGM has been replaced.

Twin Cobra


NES version


CBS / Sony 5900 yen

A NES ported work of a hard-core shooting game developed by Toaplan.

As expected, the graphics are quite inferior, and there is a feeling that it is not good compared to the original family.

However, the operation is comfortable, so if you throw away your preconceptions, you can enjoy it normally as a shooting game.

Even if you make a mistake, the NES version will be revived from the spot, so it’s easier to play.

TurboGrafx 16 version


Taito 5500 yen

This is ported to the PC engine about half a year earlier than the NES version.

The arcade version was vertically long, but the PC Engine version has a screen that matches the TV at home, making it easier to play at home.

A masterpiece that has a good game balance and can be said to be a model for vertical shooting.

It was around here that the standard vertical shooting system of several types of shots and bombs began to appear.

Altered Beast


NES version


Asmik 5900 yen

A port of Sega’s popular action game, which started operation in April 1989.

The PC engine and mega drive version are famous, but in fact it was also ported to the NES.

However, the contents are as you can see if you look at the screen. .. ..

The graphics have deteriorated considerably.

The big and powerful character was the feature of this work, but the Famicom version is small and small, giving the impression that it was an action game in the early days of the Famicom.

There are no transformation scenes, so if you’re a collector or something you don’t like, you probably don’t need to do the NES version.

TurboGrafx 16 version


NEC Avenue 6800 yen

Unlike the NES, the PC Engine version is a port that is faithful to the arcade.

Arcade fans will surely be pleased with the speed porting, which is about half a year after the start of arcade operation.

At the same time, HuCard version and CD-ROM2 version are on sale.

The CD-ROM2 version has a story demoscene, but the game content is the same.

If you just want to play the game, the Hucard version is enough.

When purchasing a second-hand product, make sure to check whether it is a HuCard or a CD-ROM2 version.