Special feature on mini games that are more addictive than the main story

This time in a nostalgic retro game

I was more addicted to the main story! Masterpiece mini game

I will tell you about.

Many games have playful mini-games that are not directly related to the main story, but some mini-games took more time than the main story.

This time, I will talk about mini-games that I personally love, so if you are interested, please take a look.

I was more addicted to the main story! Masterpiece mini game special feature

I was more addicted to the main story! Masterpiece mini game special feature


“Game Center” Good luck Goemon Snow Princess Rescue Picture Scroll

July 19, 1991 Super Nintendo

Konami  8800 Japanese yen

Konami’s popular action series, Goemon’s first Super Nintendo.

In this work, you can enjoy various mini games such as quizzes, breakouts, horse racing, and whac-a-mole, and you can earn money by working part-time or gambling.

The game content is highly evaluated, but these mini-games were also popular.

And among them, the one that excited the children at that time was the most.

Stage 3 of the game center in “Karakuri Amusement Park”

It’s Gladius.

What’s more, the setting is closer to the arcade version than the NES version, and I was impressed by the long and penetrating laser and the big core coming out from under the volcano.

There is only one side, and the difficulty is surprisingly high, and even if you clear it, you will not get anything, but at that time I was playing every time I came to this stage.

Thanks to that, I was running out of money every time.

The place where I had no choice but to give up because I ran out of money was actually the same as the game center

“Sugoroku place” Dragon Quest III(Super Nintendo version)

December 6, 1996 Super Nintendo

Enix 8700 yen

A remake version of Super Nintendo’s Dragon Quest III, which has been highly evaluated, such as the addition of a new occupation “thief”.

It’s a late Super Nintendo game, so many people don’t know it.

This time, “Sugoroku field” that was not in the NES version has appeared.

It’s difficult to reach the goal, but if you reach the goal, you’ll get gorgeous prizes and equipment, and you’ll be able to pick up small medals along the way.

Since Dragon Quest III is a popular work, it has been reprinted on various platforms so far.

Super Nintendo, Game Boys, DS, smartphones, switches, etc.

However, unfortunately, this sugoroku place exists only in the SFC version and its ported Game Boy version.

Other than that, it’s a pity that it wasn’t there.

“Casino” Dragon Quest 4 and later series

NES, SNES, Sony PlayStation

Speaking of Dragon Quest mini games, it’s still a casino.

If you are lucky enough to get it in the early stages, such as getting a stray metal armor as a free gift, the balance will collapse.
You can do it from the beginning.

It’s fun to have various games that can be played depending on the series, such as slot machines, poker, and slime racing.

But gambling doesn’t work that well

Many people would have spent all their money on buying new equipment at the casino.

Really gambling is scary, isn’t it?

“Chocobo Race” FINAL FANTASY Ⅶ

January 31, 1997 PlayStation

Square 7140 yen

Among the series, FF7 is especially popular.

In FF7, you can catch and grow wild chocobos and put them in the race.

And if you win to S rank, you will get rare materia.

Due to the story, you will have to ride the chocobo race once, but after that, there is no problem even if you do not participate in the race.

It’s treated like a mini-game, so you can clear it without raising the rank of the race, but for those who want to do it, the chocobo race is indispensable.

Because, the most powerful summoning magic “Knights of Round” in this work is in a place that can only be reached by the sea chocobo.

And, in order to make a sea chocobo, it is necessary to catch and raise an excellent chocobo and raise it to A rank in the race.

Many people would have searched for excellent chocobos in various places to create this sea chocobo.

If you grow an excellent chocobo to a certain extent, you won’t lose, but only the rival Tohofuhai, who rides on the black chocobo that appears occasionally, was very strong.

“Snowboard game” FINAL FANTASY VII

You can play various games at the gold saucer arcade.

There are also arm wrestling and basketball, but the most popular of these is probably the snowboarding game.

This snowboard game is amazingly well done and quite addictive.

The time attack was particularly hot, and at that time, friends were competing for time, just like Mario Kart’s time attack.

By the way, if you add Tifa to the team members, you can change the character to Tifa.

The gold saucer itself can be reached immediately in the middle stage, but unfortunately it wasn’t until the end of the game that I could play the snowboard game because there are other people playing it all the time.

If you want to play a snowboard game, do your best to advance the story to the end.


February 11, 1999 PlayStation

Square 8190 yen

I personally think that FF VIII is the worst work in the Final Fantasy series.

The evaluation at that time was also quite low, and I remember that everything from the story to the character and the system was low.

My friends around me had a bad reputation, and most of them either frustrated or went to a second-hand shop in haste.

A school drama-like thin story, a system that is difficult to understand, in which only handsome and beautiful girls appear.

A long demoscene of summoned beasts that can be shown many times.

In fact, it seems that the public evaluation was also quite bad, and the influence of the low evaluation of this work echoed until later, and it is famous that the number of sales dropped at a stretch from 9 after this.

Except for the graphics, this work is far worse than 7, but the only thing I enjoyed was the card battle.

Card battle is a mini-game where you play against your own cards.

You can defeat your opponents or get cards by dropping them from your enemies.

You can apply for a card battle by talking with the square button, so when I went to a new town, I talked to everyone with the square button for the time being.

I was happy when I got a rare character card.

I don’t remember the story at all because the main story became so interesting, but I was desperately playing this card game.

It is no exaggeration to say that the appeal of FF8 is only graphics and guard battles.

I wasn’t disappointed at the time, and I’ve been slamming about FF8 so far, but on the contrary, it may be good for people who want to try a slightly different RPG.

So I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who likes royal road RPGs, but if you want to try a slightly different RPG, it might be worth a try.

“Game Center” Shenmue Chapter 1

December 29, 1999  Dreamcast

Sega  6800 yen

A masterpiece of Dreamcast, which is said to be the originator of the open world.

The production cost is said to be 7 billion yen.

Like an open world, the main character collects various information from the residents in the town, but there are also old-fashioned snacks, private shops, and a game center in the town.

At this arcade, you can actually play the gadgets that are placed in front of the store, and you can also play darts and punching machines in the store.

Among them, the ones that surprised Sega fans were Hang-On and Space Harrier.

It is possible to play the arcade version normally.

When I got some pocket money, I immediately went to the arcade with a dash.


July 19, 2001 PlayStation 2

Square 9240 yen

Speaking of FF10, Yuna is cute! There are many opinions, but the image of Blitzball is strong.

(And personally, it’s more of a backpack than Yuna!)

Blitzball is a ball game that combines soccer and handball, in which six people fight underwater.

In terms of game content, it’s similar to Tecmo’s Captain Tsubasa series.

This Blitzball is quite interesting, and the members of my team such as FW, DF, and keeper are scouted in various places, so I am attached to it.

In the story, you have to do it! That’s not to say, but Wacka’s strongest weapon must win this Blitzball.

Therefore, I desperately gathered Blitzball members from all over the world.

Especially, Tidus’s jet shoot was strong!

By the way, although there is a Blitzball in X2, it has been modified to the extent that it is incomparable to 1, and I could not get used to it at all.

The story and system of X2 was really the worst

“Mercenaries” Resident Evil 4

January 11, 2005 PlayStation 2

Capcom 7480 yen

The system has changed completely from the previous series, such as camera work and shooting style, and it is a particularly highly evaluated work in the series.

It is natural that the main story is interesting, but like the bio series, there are plenty of fun and replay elements after clearing, so you can play many times.

And the one with the highest replay element in this work is


A mini-game where you can defeat enemies and earn points within the time limit. In short, you can repeat battles.

In addition to Leon, Ada, Clauser, Wesker, and even Hank will appear.

For those who are starting from Resident Evil 2, the appearance of Hank, who is the operative of this umbrella and is called the Shinigami, was a surprise.

I was really into it at the time, but it’s a lot harder to do now because the operation is quite different from the recent FPS and TPS games.

Aim and character movement are quite difficult to do with the same left stick operation, isn’t it?

Even switch is cheaply remade, so if you want to play from now on, that is better.